Steps on How to Create an Abstract art

1. Think of what you want to make. Let’s take a flower vase.

2. Now, think of why you want to make it. Let’s say you decide that you want to bring out the feeling of loneliness that an empty flower vase evokes.

3. This can be done by making a small vase in huge area, giving it an emptiness and therefore loneliness (which is almost a straightforward practical unimaginative way), or it can be done by making it in the abstract style.

4. Let us make an abstract rendition of the empty flower vase. In your mind imagine the flower vase, its shape, does the shape remind you of a woman. What would the pose of a woman who is pining away be.

5. Now without really trying to create a real flower vase, make bold lines on a piece of paper which reminds of a vase and a woman who is pining away.

6. Keep making the bold lines till you feel that your desire to make the lines has been satisfied.

7. What you have with you is your first piece of abstract art. May not be the best or even good, but it is your rendering of a reality called a flower vase into an idea which is not just a copy of the flower vase. It is art and it is abstract. It might not even evoke in you a feeling that it is a flower vase, but that is immaterial. You have opened your mind to the concept of abstraction.

8. Now whether you make more art, or you look at a piece of art that is abstract, you will have a slightly enhanced ability to discover and appreciate the ‘X’ factor in art.


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